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What do you do?
  • We draw caricatures. Caricatures is first an art form and we are passionate about it. We use this unique art as a way to express ourselves and to entertain at events. A successful caricature will always have a likeness from the artists perspective and they will create that likeness through the means of  exaggerations. Because of Astroworld and other local caricature booths the general public in most cases is use to seeing caricatures without exaggerations. Our intentions are to bring back this essential and basic principal that has established this creative art form. We enjoy capturing a persons essence by exaggerating what we see. Mac and his artist are constantly practicing together and are trained under the ISCA (International Caricature Art Society). We desire to bring a fun and enjoyable experience to our customers by being faithful to the basic principals of the art of caricature. 

Did you go to school to learn caricatures?
  • In 1999 I was hired by a caricature booth at Astroworld and was introduced into this field by a talented caricaturist named Cecil Roberts. Later I then began to understand and grow after joining the ISCA and studying Tom Richmond's book.

How much does it cost to have an artist come to my EVENT & what do I need to do to start the process?
  • We charge you $150 per hour if you book 2 hours or more (or $240 for just 1 hour) then the artist draws free caricatures for your guests. When your ready to book please fill out the request form found HERE.

How much does a CUSTOM CARICATURE cost & what is your turn-around time?
  • Mac charges anywhere from $20-$800+. He charges per person or item you would like in the caricature so it all depends on how much you want to have going on in your caricature. For a more detailed price list Click Here. Most of the caricatures take anywhere from 1-3 business days to complete. Then there is the 1-4 business days for UPS shipment of the original. If you just want a scanned copy of the original there will be no charge for shipping & you will have it as soon as Mac finishes. Payment is required to schedule your caricature to be started on & Mac gets booked up pretty quickly during the week so schedule soon.

Can Mac or one of his artists come draw at our Non-profit event or fair/festival & charge the guests directly? They will get a lot of publicity!!
  • Nope. Sorry, they can only come out with our hourly rate. However, Mac's son can come and draw for free if you feed him French fries & apple juice. Here is his sample.

How many people can an artist draw normally?
  • In 1 hour Mac can draw 12 (B&W), 6 (color) front views or 40+ (B&W), 8 (color) side views. This applies to groups as well. For example, in B&W front views Mac can draw 12 singles, 6 couples, 4 triples... The number of drawings per hour vary between our other artists. To see how many drawings each artist can do per hour please Click Here. Our B&W front view caricatures are the most popular because they have a more traditional look to them. These caricatures will be drawn at your event unless otherwise requested.

Do I have to pay a deposit to book an artist?
  • Yes. Payment in full is required to save the date. If you are unable to make payment if full before services are rendered, please try booking through one of these agents...

Can I pay with a Credit Card?
  • Yes. We accept all major credit cards through a secure online website called (you don't need to have an account with them). When we send you the invoice it will come with a link for you to follow for the credit card payment. We don't take payments over the phone or through our email at this time.

Can I get a refund/credit or make a change?
  • EVENTS: All payments are final. We don't refund or credit any payments made if there is a cancellation, reschedule or change to your event for any reason. If the artist(s) are unable to perform as scheduled, we will substitute another artist from our team (with your permission). And if the event date has passed a 100% refund of your payment will be issued the next business day.
  • CUSTOM  ARTWORK: All payments are final. If you want to change options after payment is made and your caricature has been started on, this will require a new payment without credits or refunds of any payments made.

How much space does an artist need at my event?
  • Each artist will need a minimum of 6ft x 6ft. You will need to provide 3 chairs & a power outlet at least 10ft from the drawing area (for lighting purposes if needed). Each artist  will have a lamp in case it is to dark for them to see their subjects. A table is not needed. Here is how a basic set up looks at a WEDDING.

What if I need the artist to stay longer than contracted?
  • If the artist is able, overtime charges will  be  prorated  in ½  hour  increments  of $150/hr. Overtime payment must be given to the  artist  at  the  conclusion  of  the  event  in  cash or check payable to SATIRICAL EFFECT. If Mac is your artist he brings a credit card machine. In most cases our artist are lined up with events (especially on the weekends) so it's best to contract in mind that most, if not all, at your event will want a caricature. We find that at least 80-90% of guests will want to get drawn. We can't guarantee the artist(s) will be able to stay longer than scheduled because of other bookings.

If Mac is not available can you send another artist?
  • Yes, we will send out the closest match to Mac's style. We work with other artists  who  are  equally  as  talented & work at the same hourly rate as Mac. Our team of 8 are chosen for their talent, professionalism and you never have to worry about  them  drawing a bad caricature or  not being hospitable with your guests.

How many hours can an artist work without tiring?
  • They can work 3 hours without a 15 min break. But no worries, Mac has worked a 10 hour lock-in straight with only one 20 min. break in the past.

How far in advance should I schedule my event?
  • As soon as possible. Our artists are popular & get  booked  very  quickly.  To  ensure  your  event date, book as soon as you decide to have an artist. Please email or call us at (832)860-3163 with any questions or if your ready to book please fill out the request form HERE.

Can Mac do logo designs or fine art like portraits?
  • Yes, send an email to with all the details & Mac will respond to you with a quote. Click here to view some samples.

I want to learn how to draw caricatures! Is there a class or can Mac teach me?
  • Step 1: Join the ISCA.
  • Step 2: Study this BOOK.
  • Step 3: Watch this VIDEO

Has anyone ever gotten mad after you drew them?
Caricatures © Mac Garcia 
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In 21 years I can only remember two small instances. One lady had way too much to drink and a teenager who came back to apologize to me. My goal is never to offend but to draw what I feel a person looks like and to capture their essence by exaggerating what I see. When I first started at Astroworld a customer rejected my trainers work and requested that I draw them. I was so ecstatic and now looking back, I feel I had some wrong thinking. My trainer was a seasoned veteran on the mild side of caricatures and my exaggeration level was at a 0% with a cookie cutter style, far from what a caricature is. I was drawing the general public's view on how caricatures should look like. The client might have liked my non-caricature style better but I was hurting the art form as I purposely attempted to exclude all exaggerations. My trainer had trained and studied under some of the best caricaturists and I was taking the general public's opinion and using it as a boost and final word of approval to affirm my portrait style work. It motivated me to stay away from any exaggerations and to stay as close to a portrait artists work as possible. I’m not saying the mild style caricatures don't qualify as a caricature because some (not all) of those do exaggerate. Making people happy is good and it's one of the many joys I have that this art brings to our customers but not at the expense of dismissing established caricature art principles.

The worse thing that could happen is if caricaturists eventually did't exaggerate and if they all drew the same. That would mean the spirit within the artist would lose it's passion, personality and variety. It would have died to what he or she felt like drawing. That's why I believe the caricaturist's inner passion and vision should be fed by the caricature artist community as they are faithful to the art forms basics and not the culture.. 

I'm constantly practicing, studying other artists, participating in contests with others, and benefiting greatly at the yearly ISCA caricature conventions. I have heard other artists tell me how great their work is because of the overwhelming applause they receive from the general public. They say "Mac, but I have the longer lines, larger tips, and great Facebook comments.” These things aren't bad or wrong but it wouldn’t be healthy if we would put those things into our improvement and growth part of our mind. That section of the mind should be reserved for good books, caricature principals, master caricature artists critiques and not the general publics ideas or requests. It's good to receive applause and we should be thankful but our growth and improvement motivator shouldn’t come from them. The general public would cause us to go backwards in the art and want us to not draw their big noses bigger, big cheeks, tiny ears and all those things that make them unique and special. I’m not saying we make everyone look crazy and ugly. We draw the cute cuter, the skinny skinnier, and the small smaller etc. but we are for sure being unfaithful to the subject and the art when we draw someone skinny if they are large. Now that doesn't mean I won't draw a caricature with no exaggeration (which is not a caricature) if a client asks for one. I just have to reminder myself to not let that influence my caricatures and personal study as I seek to get better and take over the world!:). 
A caricature artist should be free to be truthful in drawing what he or she sees and feels the person looks like as long as they are not purposefully trying to offend. When we're told to not exaggerate the truth we are going against the main principal caricatures have been built on. It also creates a temptation for the artist to begin a habit to not exaggerate and this will not only affect their work and personal growth, but can influence and define the art as a whole for the future of other artists.
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